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Oregon Hazelnuts continued.

Hazelnuts have grown in popularity and are quickly establishing themselves as the new nut, leading innovative product launches in top growing categories today. Recently I corresponded with Andrea Fields, Inside Sales Manager for Hazelnut Growers of Oregon (HGO), and she shared insight on the exciting ventures

1. Are any new partnerships in the works for 2021?
HGO is launching its bulk hazelnut products on the Alibaba. com site. The purpose is to have a broader reach to smaller foodservice operators and manufacturers that are not able to source elsewhere due to minimum order quantities. This will assist in giving Oregon hazelnuts exposure to overseas markets we are currently not in. HGO will have a wholesale product portfolio page which will provide another platform to reach customers. With the millions of buyers that utilize to source materials and products we hope to see great success with this new channel of trade.

2. What other market areas is HGO focused on for expanding exports of hazelnuts?
HGO started a partnership with a globally known agency, Bosch Boden Spies (BBS) located in Hamburg, Germany. BBS is known for their innovation and marketing concepts and ability to create new markets for their customers. Their area of expertise is supplying high quality, natural fruit and nut ingredients.

3. What does HGO hope to achieve with this collaboration and how will this be executed?
Our goal is to educate the industrial European market on Oregon hazelnuts. This includes offering the highest quality standard of hazelnuts processed by any U.S. food manufacturer, product that is vertically owned and operated utilizing best sustainable practices, and guaranteed longevity with a growerowned supply that can meet global demand.

There is also a strategic year-long plan to approach potential new customers. Initially BBS will be issuing a press release announcing our partnership which will be followed up with a sample box of innovative products and literature. Later in the year there will be additional communications via written and digital communication platforms.

4. What selling points or health attributes make Oregon Hazelnuts so desirable?
Some of the health attributes of hazelnuts include being rich in both Omega 6 and 9 (which balance cholesterol), they have the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) measurement of any nut, they contain antioxidants that are 20 times more potent than Vitamin C and 50 times more than Vitamin E, and they are a good source of Vitamin B which boost immunity health.

Selling points of Oregon Hazelnuts include; 99% of American hazelnuts are grown in Oregon which could be considered a single origin species. Oregon hazelnuts deliver consistent highquality production practices and exceptional varieties. They offer a stable origin with the annual crop size averaged at about 38,000 tons over the last five years, (which is expected to more than double in the next five years), making Oregon the second largest origin for hazelnuts.

5. What does the future look like for hazelnuts for the remainder of 2021?
With the majority of the 2020 Oregon hazelnut crop being committed and/or sold the outlook is positive for the upcoming 2021 harvest. As more consumer-packaged goods are formulated using hazelnuts, the demand is anticipated to grow to support Oregon's hazelnut industry.

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